Sunday, February 26, 2012

An Afternoon with Chuck E.

We ae truly busy a lot of the time. So when we have a chance to do something the kids really want to do we jump at the chance. This time it was Jackson's pick. Of course he choose Chuck E. Cheese. Abbi abliged because she really likes ski-ball. Our Chuck E. Cheese is nuts and I'm sure infested with germs... But off we went armed with hand sanitizer.

Cousins by Mom's Choice

These are all of the adorable kiddos on "Wine-O" Friday. The Moms are sisters by choice therefore making these totally awesome kids "cousins by choice."

Sunday, February 5, 2012

An Afternoon with the Haney's

Tuesday's are tricky during January and February. Nonie aka Grandma Joan watches Jackson on Tuesday afternoons except in January and February when her and Grandpa Chet are in Florida. I have been coming home at noon to hang with Jackson and work from home, but last Tuesday I was super busy and couldn't get away. Jackson was able to spend the afternoon with Haney's. Jackson loves Acelyn, Kovyn, and Heather. They made cookies and destroyed Heather's house. I love it when this kids get together... They are so sweet and innocent.