Sunday, April 24, 2011

Weather Chickens!

Spring time in Arkansas is Severe Weather season. Over the last several weeks we have had gusty winds, hail, and very heavy rain. On Friday we were getting ready for Good Friday Service at church when the National Weather Service issued a Tornado watch. Watch, no biggie... Well that changes quickly to a Tornado warning and the storm spotters were reporting the tornados track to come right over our house. Ahhhhh! I was in a panic! The kids were in our safe room, I was watching the weather report and Brandon was outside watching the weather move in. Did I mention that he's crazy! The tornado did pass right over our house but thankfully it did not drop. We may need to bring the boat home. We have had rain all week and are expecting more rain all week. Enjoy this adorable picture of my little weather chickens! So cute!

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A Farewell to Friends

Caden and Jackson started as neighbors and have grown to be best friends. Giggles fill the house when these boys are together. Their laughs are infectious... You can't help but stop and listen or sneak a peak at them playing. They are two of the most adorable little boys. Caden's family has decided to move to Texas to be closer to family. Jackson thinks that he is going with them...unfortunately we are going to have to disappoint him... Caden asked me if we would come and see him in Texas... How could I say no?? I couldn't... I'm sure we will find a prefect half way point to get our boys together. It's going to be a bug adjustment for Jackson when his buddy moves. I don't think he really understands what's happening... Thankfully we will be out of town when the moving truck leaves... Good Luck in Texas Sikes family we will miss you!

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Purple Pimpin'

Aunt Mallory got Abbi a purple Fafora for her birthday and these pictures were way to cute not to share.

Jackson wants everyone to know that he is cute in Abbi's hat too!

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A Short Spring Break Trip

Our spring break was shortened this year so that we could make up some snow days. We decided that this would be a perfect time to sneak off Branson. We take mini vacations in Branson strategically planned so that we can visit the outlet malls to stock up on the next season's clothes for the kids. Shush... Don't tell Abbi and Jackson. We shopped during the day and swam in the hotel pool at night. Abbi mastered her underwater handstand and Jackson worked on jumping in the pool. It's a nice get away. Abbi's favorite part of being in Branson is Wild Woody. This year Abbi was tall enough to drive the big go carts all by herself. Jackson was even tall enough to be a passenger in the two person go cart. We all had a great time. Here are a few pictures from our trip.

Abbi showing Jackson the BIG fish at The Bass Pro Shop

"Dad, I need this for my birthday."

"Abbi, look at me!"

Getting all strapped in.

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Monday, April 11, 2011

My Baby is all grown up!

I cannot believe that it has been 11 years since Abbi was born! 11 is so grown up!! She is 11 going on 21. This year Abbi decided that she wanted to have a slumber party for her Birthday. We had to so some quick thinking because our house was torn apart because we were having it painted. We decided to have her party at a local hotel. We got a king suite for the girls with and adjoining room for me. Abbi had 11 girls show up for the party! The girls swam, ate pizza, chips, and cupcakes... They painted nails, listened to music, and even talked about boys. Man, I'm so not ready for that!! The girls finally fell asleep at about 3am but were up again at 5am because of a hail storm. It was a long night for me but the girls had a blast!! I think we will do the sleepover at a hotel again. It's nice to pack your bag and leave the mess for housekeeping.

Happy Birthday Abbi!!

The girls at the beginning of the night.

Goodies! P.S. They were all gone at the end of the party!