Friday, August 5, 2011

Fun in the Sun on Beaver Lake

We love the lake. We try to spend time on the lake every weekend in the summer. We decided to invite the Haney's to come with us last Sunday. We had the best time. We swam for a while then the kiddos had to take a snack break.

Jackson and Acelyn enjoying some snacks.

Jackson, Brandon, and Chad

Uhm, adorable Abbi

Too Cool!

Kovyn enjoying snacks, snacks, and more snacks!

After some water time it was time to head to the marina for some grub!

Aww so sweet

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The BIG 33!

Well June was it... My 33rd birthday. Man, 33 sounds old.. Oh well, it just means I'm another year wiser right??? Brandon always throws me a birthday party so I can enjoy my day with friends and family. This year B decided to have meat roast party...

A meat roast? Well B roasted 6 racks of ribs, 2 brisket, and a pork shoulder. Yum yum! B is quite the chef. All of our guests enjoyed the feast!

Jackson helping season the meat.

Soups on!!

The Bestie's and I.

Thanks Brandon for another great party!

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A warm day at the pool

Abbi and Jackson love to swim! They take every chance they get to go to Gammie and Gampa's house to swim. Abbi is quite the swimmer and does a mean handstand. Jackson is getting so brave and swims from one of the pool to the other with his wate wings. Here are some pictures of the kiddos hanging by the pool.

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A Crawfish Boil with the Haney's

We have developed a great friendship with the Haney family. I work with Heather, Brandon and Chad get along great... Just good ole' country boys. Jackson loves Acelyn and affectionately calls her his girlfriend. Abbi loves to squeeze baby Kovyn. He laughs and laughs at her. Chad's family hosted a Crawfish Boil and invited us. Jackson and Acelyn tan around with the Crawfish.. After some coxing :-) we all had a great time! Great friends and great food.

Acelyn and Jackson showing off their crawfish.

A break for some homemade ice cream.


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Weather History

This year has been full of record breaking weather. We had a winter of snow, I mean lots of snow. 21 inches of snow in Arkansas! Then a very wet spring. Rain that lead to tragic tornados in our area. We spent several nights in the closet praying that tornados would stay away from our town. We were really lucky that our area was spared severe damage. Unfortunately, Joplin a town about 45 minutes north of us wasn't so lucky. A massive EF5 tornado wiped out half of their town and killing almost 200 people. This tornado wad deemed the deadliest tornado in history. We pray for the families that lost loved ones, that lost their homes, cars, and jobs. Here are a few pictures.

This was taken in our neighborhood on one of our tornado warned nights.


This is what's left of the Pepsi plant in Joplin.

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Thursday, August 4, 2011

A little on the "Hillbilly" side!

We heard that the Demolition Derby was coming to town and thought the kids would love it. We were right! We had a great time. We met Mallory and Cody at the derby so they could share in the hillbilly fun. Jackson was mesmerized! He wanted to cars to go faster and hit harder. Abbi loves the BIG wrecks, so she waited patiently for the "big one!" We all really enjoyed the show and will definitely attend the next one that rolls into town.

Cody, Mallory, and Abbi

My Boys

The Demolition Derby war him out!

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Abbi's Running Again

I told you Abbi has developed a love for running. She ran the Gold Rush 5k and the next week ran the Kendrick Fincher Hydration Foundation 5K. She did an awesome job. She ran with several people from my office and improved her time by 5 minutes. Way to go Abbi!

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Abbi's First 5K

My brave and very determined daughter has developed a love for running. Abbi participates in running club through her school and can't seem to get enough. Abbi signed up for the Bentonville Gold Rush 5k with her running club. She did a fantastic job! She finished before her running coach. We are so proud of her hard work and dedication.

Abbi Pre-Race

Abbi Post Race

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