Monday, March 5, 2012

President's Day at Pepsi

Jackson spent President's day with Mommy at work. It was a rough day for Jackson. Movies, snacks, fun....the pictures say it all.

2 VERY Special Dates.

Valentine's typically falls during the week which means Mommy doesn't have a dinner date on Valentine's Day, a date with Daddy at least. BUT never fear I had two very special dates this year. Abbi and Jackson picked dinner and we spent time making it together. I'm not a cook as all of you know so take and bake pizza worked out for us al!!! These are two of the most special kids in the world. Not that I'm partial or anything.....

Our Little Heartbreaker

Jackson is one handsome young man! He has a line up of girlfriends at school. Girlfriends of course mean that he could not miss his Valentine party at school. He and I loaded up his homemade Valentine's and headed off to school to party with his friends. They had yummy snacks, made heart pictures, and of course exchanged valentines. My little heartbreaker... Watch out girls!

Poor Little Jax

There has been a terrible stomach bug going around NWA. We thought we were in the clear. Thought being the operative word... No such luck... The bug bit Jackson. Look at this heartbreaking little face. :-(

Hangin' with the Haney's

Our schedules are so crazy. Most days we don't know if we are coming or going. Thank goodness Ms. Heather was here to rescue us... Jackson spent the afternoon with Heather,Acelyn, and Kovyn. They played, made a mess, made cookies, and had lots of yummy snacks. Jackson loves his Haney's.

On a sun-sunshiny day!

We love to be outside! We take every opportunity we can to enjoy the sunshine. On an occasion Abbi and Jax do get along. This day they hung out on the deck laughing and yelling at Bruiser. Kids!! Love them!!!!!