Thursday, January 20, 2011

Snow Day

Cayden Aaron, Caden Matthew, and Jackson Murphy

(aka Little "Popcicles")

Abbi with "The Boys"

Abbi and Jackson taking a moment to smile!

Jackson and his bestie, Caden

Today was our first "real" snow day. Schools were cancelled one day last week but we only got a dusting of snow. Today schools were closed and we got about 6 inches of snow. I asked for buckets of snow, and I guess technically we got buckets.. I just wanted more. I guess beggar's can't be choose-y.

We had a nice day, I worked from home and played outside with the kids. We had a BLAST! We couldn't build a snowman because the snow wouldn't pack but we were able to go sledding. The people that live across the street from us have a steep driveway that they never shovel, so the neightborhood kids take advantage and use it for sledding.

The snow has started to melt with the sun, not with the heating of the day. The temperature got colder today not warmer. The snow turned into slush that is now starting to turn into ice, so schools are cancelled again tomorrow. I hope we have as much fun tomorrow as we did today.

We took a few hours to come inside and warm up after sledding. Jackson brought some of his buddies inside to play. His "bestie" Caden Matthew and another kiddo, Cayden Aaron. The boys watched a movie, ate popcorn and fruit chews, played with trucks, and rode laps on the bike, cho-cho train, and lawn mower. I think they wore each other out, but all in all it was a great day!

I hope you are blessed with a "snow day" or two. :-)

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