Monday, February 21, 2011

Shopping for "Kicks"

Jackson is a typical 2 year old boy. He wears his shoes out and in a hurry! It was my turn to take Jackson shopping for shoes. Sounds easy, right? Well it's easy unless you create a shoe monster. Yup, that's my son.... he is a diva when it comes to his shoes. We went into Hibbett this afternoon and I asked the sales man to show us all of the little boy's shoes that he had available in a size 9. The salesman aka Sales Kid brought us 5 pairs of shoes. I took one of each shoe out of the box and asked Jackson to pick the one that he liked the most. He stood there with his hand on his hip tapping his foot for about 2 minutes.... however it seemed like an eternity! Woo Hoo! He picked a shoe that he liked and a bonus for me, it was on sale. That almost never happens! I hear this will only get worse as he gets older... Man is there an errand girl that will pick him up and take him shoe shopping?

Not bad for $19 huh?

Jackson saying, "Mom, take a picture of my new shoes"

My Son, the Shoe Diva!

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