Friday, August 5, 2011

Weather History

This year has been full of record breaking weather. We had a winter of snow, I mean lots of snow. 21 inches of snow in Arkansas! Then a very wet spring. Rain that lead to tragic tornados in our area. We spent several nights in the closet praying that tornados would stay away from our town. We were really lucky that our area was spared severe damage. Unfortunately, Joplin a town about 45 minutes north of us wasn't so lucky. A massive EF5 tornado wiped out half of their town and killing almost 200 people. This tornado wad deemed the deadliest tornado in history. We pray for the families that lost loved ones, that lost their homes, cars, and jobs. Here are a few pictures.

This was taken in our neighborhood on one of our tornado warned nights.


This is what's left of the Pepsi plant in Joplin.

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