Monday, April 11, 2011

My Baby is all grown up!

I cannot believe that it has been 11 years since Abbi was born! 11 is so grown up!! She is 11 going on 21. This year Abbi decided that she wanted to have a slumber party for her Birthday. We had to so some quick thinking because our house was torn apart because we were having it painted. We decided to have her party at a local hotel. We got a king suite for the girls with and adjoining room for me. Abbi had 11 girls show up for the party! The girls swam, ate pizza, chips, and cupcakes... They painted nails, listened to music, and even talked about boys. Man, I'm so not ready for that!! The girls finally fell asleep at about 3am but were up again at 5am because of a hail storm. It was a long night for me but the girls had a blast!! I think we will do the sleepover at a hotel again. It's nice to pack your bag and leave the mess for housekeeping.

Happy Birthday Abbi!!

The girls at the beginning of the night.

Goodies! P.S. They were all gone at the end of the party!

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