Sunday, April 24, 2011

Weather Chickens!

Spring time in Arkansas is Severe Weather season. Over the last several weeks we have had gusty winds, hail, and very heavy rain. On Friday we were getting ready for Good Friday Service at church when the National Weather Service issued a Tornado watch. Watch, no biggie... Well that changes quickly to a Tornado warning and the storm spotters were reporting the tornados track to come right over our house. Ahhhhh! I was in a panic! The kids were in our safe room, I was watching the weather report and Brandon was outside watching the weather move in. Did I mention that he's crazy! The tornado did pass right over our house but thankfully it did not drop. We may need to bring the boat home. We have had rain all week and are expecting more rain all week. Enjoy this adorable picture of my little weather chickens! So cute!

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